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Food truck industry online trade magazine to include health and safety content to help readers who may have mental and physical health issues.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – Since their inception in 2010, Mobile Cuisine has provided news coverage and insight into the food truck industry. After the recent death of famed chef, Anthony Bourdain, their staff had an in-house discussion to see if there was anything they could do to help.

They asked themselves:

  • Is there a way to start a discussion centered around depression and mental health in the mobile food industry?
  • Is there a way to help vendors and their staff members who may be dealing with depression or mental health issues?

In short order, they answered both questions. Of course, there is!

Mobile Cuisine is a publisher that can adapt and change their content on the fly. Especially if it means the possible betterment of every individual within the industry.

According to Mobile Cuisine’s owner and Editor-in-Chief, Richard Myrick, “Food truck vendors and their staff work in a fast-paced, high-stress career field that much like the restaurant industry, often leads individuals down a path of physical and mental health issues. If there is anything we can do to help the industry, we will do it.”

In  our conversation with Myrick we learned that they will be adding Health & Safety as a new category to Mobile Cuisine’s regular rotation of topics covered by the online trade magazine.

Their plan is to proceed just as they’ve done with the topics of business, marketing, money matters and technology within the industry. Myrick said, “We have always believed that gathering and providing up-to-date data and information about a specific topic is a tool for positive change. We will continue to follow this in our Health & Safety coverage.”

Our hope is to bring focus on the disparities faced by members of the food truck industry with mental and physical health problems and discuss possible solutions.


Mobile Cuisine has been serving the food truck industry since 2010.  Covering every aspect of the mobile food industry for everyone from the aspiring owners, to existing food trucks and food truck enthusiasts, they are there with breaking news and valuable insights in the various aspects of starting and running a successful mobile food business.

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